Chez Carlos Golf Society Tournament 26th April 2014

Oceânico O'Connor Jnr. Golf Course

Oceânico O’Connor Jnr. Golf Course

Portugal Golf – Chez Carlos Golf Society Tournament – A rescheduled event saw the Chez Carlos Golf Society move from Palmares Golf Course to O’Connor Jnr. Easter time always sees an influx of players looking for a game and it was no different on this occasion with many keen for a competitive game amongst friends.

Designed by Christy O’Connor Jnr., this Algarve Golf course complements the neighbouring Oceanico Faldo Course and also takes full advantage of being situated in a fertile valley. Its various water features, both lakes and watercourses that are spread throughout the entire course, demand accuracy and test from all golfers, and the rich topsoil has been skillfully landscaped and planted with mature palm trees, affording a lush, ornamental setting like an extensive oasis.

Oceânico O'Connor Jnr. Golf Course

Oceânico O’Connor Jnr. Golf Course

This course has tees that are generally connected to the fairways, but its greater overall distance, the water hazards and big greens provide its challenge.

An ensemble gathered together under blue skies to take on this challenge. Perfect conditions allowed for some good scoring. Fine performance by Fraser once again even with a blob on the last hole.


1st: Fraser Graham (h/cap 5): 37pts
2nd: Trevor Coleman: 35pts

Nearest The Pin:

13th: Joao Paulo
17th: Fraser Graham

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Perfect Swing !?

Tee Times T.O. -Perfect Swing

-Do I really need A “perfect swing”  to play better golf?

We all know that perfection is largely unattainable in countless aspects of our lives , and of course in the game of golf is a utopia. Even so, many golfers are frustrated to spend hours on the practice field , observing and studying the art of great golfers, reading books and magazines … to try to improve your swing , lower your handicap and play better golf .

– Is it attainable by all players that “perfect swing” ?

Well, the answer to both questions is a resounding NO. The explanation is simple : we must be aware of to understand that we will NEVER be able to “move” an iron like Tiger , Phil or Ernie. Simply because these players have innate talents and skills that we do not possess , in addition to increase them with thousands of hours of practice from an early age,  which will no longer be able to go back . Let us add a few of hundreds of tips and golf lessons that have been given to them and … impossible to equate them.

Let’s be optimistic and remember the following sentence : “The key to playing better golf is not a perfect swing, but a consistent and repeatable swing .” This is part of a philosophy of life,  you can carry it out with the day to day and is known as ”  KISS Principle ” (  ” Keep it short and simple “, which is an acronym that recommended using simple and understandable instructions, rejecting what convoluted and unnecessary ) . What is simple in a golf swing ? you wonder , as keeping the spine as an axis of rotation of the swing , getting a correct plane . And place the grip and alignment of the club face to the target.

So if you really want to improve your game, and develop consistency and confidence every time you play a golf swing takes the simplest way you can hit the ball and … expecting nothing more than enjoy the game.

Courtesy of Tee Times Tour Operator.

Unusual situations on the green

Check the rules

During the third round of Northwestern Mutual World Challenge Lee Westwood encountered a surprise on the 4th hole of Sherwood CC, make your approach to the ball came to rest on a leaf in the same green. Given the unusual case, on the other hand nothing complicated, the English called a ref told him what he must do.

Provided by Tee Times T.O.

 How to do a four on the 18th hole on the last day of the tournament when you tied up with Tiger Woods

Zach Johnson became World Challenge winner with this sensational coup proclaimed from the drop zone at Sherwood CC that helped him get the PlayOff with Tiger Woods. In the previous stroke, Johnson missed an easy shot into the water.

Provided by Tee Times T.O.