Mijas Golf Los Olivos

Mijas Internatioal Los Olivos

Mijas Internatioal Los Olivos

A memento of the architectural brilliance of Robert Trent Jones and considered as one of his most prized works, Los Olivos is the smaller of the two golf courses, situated within Mijas Golf Course. The golf course was opened eight years after its predecessor Los Lagos, and although is situated in a relatively smaller area, it has 18-holes just like Los Lagos and a host of other unique attributes that give it a cutting edge over Los Lagos.

Los Olivos golf course is punctuated with thick clusters of trees, unlike the plain, smooth and monotonous fairways of Los Lagos. Featuring tighter, undulated and well-defended fairways, with a periodically placed water bodies – Los Olivos golf course is a picturesque gold construct of dense and narrow lined tress and small, and graduating elevated greens.

Los Olivos is an ideal golf course for golfers looking for a challenging set of a game requiring technical abilities and precision. The golf course escalates its degree of challenges, from being broad, expansive and wide open at the start to narrowing all along and even going out of bounds at a side.

Even the shortest holes at Los Olivos measure more than 160 meters. The par-three 8th is placed at 214 meters range and gives a new notch to the intensity of the game. The 9th and 10th holes, situated at par-four and par-five respectively feature mysterious bunkers ready to swallow any shot less than full length.

Beyond this extent, Los Olivos golf course starts immersing into an exquisite panorama of hills of varying altitudes as well as some plush villas and mansions. This adds a generous dab of a homely feel to the course and although the golf course poses the highest degree of challenges at this point, the environment and the ambiance makes the player strive for more and feel at home.

Aside from 18 holes and 70 pars, Los Olivos also features a bar and restaurant on its premises and also offers clubs, buggies, Powakaddy and hand cart facilities.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos

Mijas International Los Lagos

Mijas International Los Lagos

Come and Play at The Ultimate Golfing Paradise of the World!

Talk about one of the best golf courses in Europe and there goes the name – Mijas Golf!

Named after the exquisite Mijas Valley situated in the serenity of North Fuengirola, the Mijas Golf Complex comprises two golf courses, Los Lagos and Los Olivos. The larger of the two, Los Lagos which was established in 1973, has undergone periodic renovations during these forty years. However, the original classic design of the course that is an artistic impression of Robert Trent Jones Sr.’s highly acclaimed works has remained unchanged.

Neat and gentle outlines stretched across the horizon, softly graduating slopes, lush green meadows sprawled over the expanse of 6,536 meters – a few wild trees punctuate the panorama and as the first rays of the sun descend through the surrounding mountains, Los Lagos lights up in its mystique aura and glory.

That’s not all; the bunkers and lakes add a dab of mysterious appeal to the golf course, tempting the golfers as well as the tourists for a game of golf. With a picturesque scenario, an elegant appeal and an extensive range of facilities, Mijas Golf Los Lagos is an attraction for golfers, spectators, and sightseers alike.

Mijas Los Lagos golf course features a multitude of holes, each throwing a different degree of challenge to the players. Among those, the one situated on 617 yards, lined by a boundary across the fairway, progresses all along in a narrowing alley to meet a water landing is considered as the best site to enjoy risk- reward gold on par 5s.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos offers special golfing arrangements for the physically-disabled enthusiasts. From facilities to assistance, Mijas Golf Los Lagos has special facilities for everyone and is the perfect place to wash away your gloom and bask in the cosy sunshine of the ultimate golfing paradise of the world.

La Cala Europa

La Cala Europa

La Cala Europa

Sprawled over the expanse of 6014 metres, par 71 with 18 holes, along with an exquisite countryside, La Cala Europa is the youngest of the three golf courses, set up within the premises of La Cala Golf Complexes and Resorts.

The golf course was designed by Cabell B Robinson, the same designer who also constructed its predecessors La Cala Asia and La Cala America. Also known as Campo Europa, the course was opened for players and visitors in 2005, and has become more popular than the other two courses situated in La Cala Golf Complex and Resorts.

In terms of structural details and field layout designs, Campo Europa is the most advanced golf course of La Cala Golf Complex and is an emblem of the architectural mastery of the designer. Being his 3rd consecutive La Cala project, Cabell B Robinson has infused an exceptional dab of his brilliance in the course design and has made it the most complex, challenging and difficult course on the plains of La Cala Golf Complex.

The scenic panorama features mountains standing tall at a distance, and the tributaries of River Ojen that run, slicing through the fairways, creating natural water hazards for eight holes on the field. The playing field features rough and graduated planes with narrowing fairways and intense doglegged holes on the right and left sides.

The most notable of all holes is the 4th hole par-forth, where the mountain scrub shields the entire right flank and River Ojen flows along the left. This articulation of playing landscape makes playing here a sudden death round.

Aside from that, the course features smooth par threes and challenging par fives, infused with scrubs, water hazards, and ravines, spiralling around the holes. The playing field also a smart placement of greens and bunkers that accentuate the tenacity of Campo Europa and make it an ideal course for an unorthodox and incredibly challenging game of golf.