Fun Facts about Golf You Probably Didn’t Know!

Fun Facts about Golf You Probably Didn’t Know

The history of Golf dates back centuries, making it one of the oldest sports that are still played today. This alone is a major reason why the game is liked, followed and played by millions of enthusiasts across the globe.

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are already into golf, for your own reasons as to why you like the sport. You must also have a sound knowledge about the rules and tactics of the game.

Let’s take a look at some lesser known facts about golf that you might not have known before.

Golf is one of the two sports played on the moon

This might come as astonishing to you, but the astronaut Alan Shepherd did in fact take a golf ball on the Apollo 14 expedition to the moon. Not only did he take the ball and a rod, he also played a one-handed, full-hit using a six-iron rod, making golf the only sport, besides javelin, that was played on the moon.

The low-gravity pull of the moon’s atmosphere made the ball go flying through. The ball wasn’t found, nor did the astronaut have any intentions of bringing it back. It is probably still lying somewhere on the surface of the moon, exactly where it landed all those years ago.

China has imposed an official ban over setting up new golf courses

Did you know that the Chinese government has officially forbidden the construction of new golf courses in the country? Although the ban was imposed several years ago, this has not prevented constructors and community developers from making more courses.

What they do is that they simply proceed to construct the course without calling it a purpose-built course. This tactic has really worked in getting around the ridiculous ban.

The golf balls were once made of feathers and wood.

Originally, golf balls were made not out of plastic and rubber, but hardwood and even feathers. This might sound as ridiculous; however, the hardwood balls made out of box and beech trees were widely popular and ruled over for around 300 years, from 14th century till 17th century.

The balls made out of feather were an alternative choice and were called as ‘feathery’. These golf balls were relatively expensive, due to the cost of raw material, labour and the manual manufacturing process involved. The ball comprised of a spherical leather pouch that was filled with bird feathers.

Golf had been banned in the past – not by China, though!

The Scottish Parliament, during the reign of James II, imposed a ban on Golf as well as football, in 1457. The ban had been imposed for Sundays, since, according to the parliament, it was a distraction for the mandatory military drills, to prepare the army men for war against the English.

The ban was carried forward by the successive parliament of James III in 1470, and by James IV, in 1970. The ban was finally lifted in 1502 after the Treaty of Perpetual Peace was signed between the two countries.

Good for you that golf has never been banned in Portugal and Spain. No wonder they are the top favourite golfing destinations of golfers from across the globe.

A Spectator’s Guide to a Happening Golf Event, in Portugal and Spain!

michael douglas and friends golf tournament

The Portugal Masters, Andalucia Valderrama Masters , the European Ladies’ Team Championship, and the European Young Masters to name a few, there are a number of golf events queued up in Portugal and Spain, this June and July. As much they are enthralling for players, the events are anticipated with an equal zeal and zest by spectators and non-playing enthusiasts of golf.

Golf events in Portugal and Spain are desperately anticipated and provide a good opportunity for the spectators to head out on the grassy meadows, in the bright and glorious sunshine, and make the most of your day. However, to make sure that you enjoy the game in its truest spirit, you have to stick to some basic rules and etiquettes.

Here is an insight into some essential tips, restrictions, and etiquettes for spectators to have a memorable time watching the tournament.


Being a spectator does not mean that you can just roll out of your bed and arrive at the event venue to watch the match. Just like players, the spectators are also required to don appropriate attire in order to maintain the sanctity of the game.

Overly casual attires such as crop tops, tube tops, tank tops, short skirts, short shorts, and denim are a strict no-no! Classic styles such as a decent polo shirt paired up with Khakis are a smart choice that never goes wrong. Similarly, for women, a modest sundress or a decent top paired with caprice or skirts will do the job.

Basic Etiquettes

Whether you are a player or spectator, using mobile phones is prohibited on the course. Any communication between the players and spectators during the round is against the rules. Make sure that you turn off your phones, or at least, set it on silent, to avoid any inconvenience for you as well as others.

Speak in low tones on the course and stay quite while a player is hitting. Do not roam around on the greens and fairways. If you want to follow a player, stay no less than 25 yards behind, on the rough or cart paths.

Things to Bring

If it is allowed, carry a nice and decent handbag, with some essential accessories to accompany you on the game. Many golf events allow you to bring your kids along, and if you plan on taking them with you, make sure that you supervise them to avoid misconducts.

Aside from that, since you will be spending a lot of time on the open fields, make sure that you take some hats, sun shades, a good sunscreen, a bug repellent, a pair of binoculars, some loose cash, a folding chair, and your camera with some extra batteries.

Also, if there is a dark overcast with the prediction of some passing showers, remember to take an umbrella and a rain poncho with you.

Things to Avoid

There are certain prohibitions for spectators coming over to attend a gold event. You are not allowed to bring toddlers and infants, alcoholic drinks, pets, armaments, large furniture items, signs, placards, radios or musical devices on the court. Check your bag and leave all such things at home.

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