Ladys Golf Day Celebrated around the world and in Portugal

Ladys Golf Day Celebrated

6th of June is the day choosed for this event and lady golfers can visit the National golf training center in Jamor to celebrate theyr golf day.

The Portuguese Golf Federation and the national training center of the Jamor are associated to the event Women’s Golf Day.

The initiative will take place on June 6 and is celebrated in 46 countries.

There are already almost 30.000 women registered for this event that involves about 700 of academies and golf courses all over the world.

The goal is to encourage women of all ages for the practice of golf in a fun way and next to some professional golfers.

Women’s Golf Day is a 4-hour experience of free golf for women who have never experienced this wonderfull sport and for this already know the emotions and the benefits of physical activity and the practice of golf.

Come to the Jamor and relax playing golf. Bring your kids, friends or co-workers. Don’t wait for a personal invitation to make a difference!

Sign up for this world women’s Golf party.

The Very Best of Golf in Costa Del Sol!

An utterly pleasant climate, exquisite surroundings and over 75 lavish golf complexes and resorts nestled across a fairyland horizon – there is a reason Costa Del Sol is affectionately called as Costa Del Golf and the Ultimate Golfing Paradise of Europe!

The region, situated in Southern Spain, is home to some of the best golf courses, and tops the list of the best golfing destinations in the world. Here’s an overview of the bets golf course situated in Costa Del Sol.

La Cala – Asia, America, Europa

La Cala Golf Courses

Perched in the mystique valley of Mijas, La Cala Golf Complex is a 5-star residential golf resort and is one of the top picks of tourists, visitors and golfers landing in the region. The upscale resort is situated at around 30 minutes’ drive from Malaga International Airport, by the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

La Cala is home to three full-fledged golf courses: La Cala Asia, La Cala America and La Cala Europa, each a complete 18-hole course, one par 71 and two par 72.

Recognised as the largest golf complex in Spain, La Cala hosts a number of regional as well as international golfing championships throughout the year. An emblem of the architectural mastery of the designer Cabell Robinson, La Cala Complex was established in 1989 and has undergone multiple renovations and extensions over time.

Atalaya Golf Estepona

Atalaya Golf Estepona

Atalaya Golf Estepona is a classic golf course that is heavily doused in an alluring vintage appeal. Built over half a century ago in 1968, the course has undergone multiple renovations over time that were primarily aimed at preserving its natural beauty and to enhance the experience for the visitors.

The complex carries a strong rustic charm about it and houses two golf courses: The Old Course and the New Course. Both courses are 18-hole courses, the New Course is par-71 and the Old Course is par 72. The course is set affront the magnificent Sierra Blanca Mountains is drenched in a blissful serenity.

The fairways are wide and expansive, stretched across the horizon and are punctuated with some incredible flora of the region. With mysterious bunkers, complex traps, narrowing alleyways and graduating slopes and featuring cactus, eucalyptus, azaleas, and palms, golfing is indeed a treat at Atalaya Golf Estepona, for players and spectators alike.

Dona Julia

Dona Julia Golf Course

Nestled in the midst of Sotogrande and Marbella, Dona Julia is a unique golf clubs situated by the beach, unlike many other golf courses in the region. The 18-hole course features freshly-manicured grasslands punctuated with chunks of tall palm trees and faces a magnificent azure skyline of the Mediterranean Sea.

The course of wide and expansive, 5,976 metres long and features a variety of slope, sand dunes, bunkers, traps, alleys and greens across the length and width of the fairways. Design by the acclaim golf course designer Antonio Garcia Garrido, the Dona Julia is considered as one of the most complex golf courses of Costa Del Sol and required some skilful precision on the player’s part to ace a shot and make it to the hole.

Top Golf Courses in Portugal

Golfing is one of the major attractions fuelling the wanderlust of the visitors heading to Portugal. With a mild climate that stays the same for a major part of the year, exquisite golfing sites and the magnificent landscapes, golfing in Portugal is indeed an experience to watch out for.

If you have Portugal listed on your bucket list, here we are sharing some of the best Portuguese golf courses for you. Here you go!

San Lorenzo Golf Course

San Lorenzo Golf Course

San Lorenzo Golf Course

San Lorenzo Golf Course is one of the top-notch golf courses of Portugal. It is a beautiful and upscale residential golf complex that offers a complete and exotic holiday experience to the golfers and visitors. The course has been designed by Joseph Lee and was opened back in 1988.

The 18-hole course, par 72, is renowned for its palatial services, high-end facilities and freshly manicured greens and fairways. With mountain views on the sides and the ocean panorama at the front, the course is perfect for a fine golfing experiment during your holidays in Portugal.

Pine Cliffs Course

Pine Cliffs Course

Pine Cliffs Course

Being a small 9-hole course, you might estimate it as a cake walk for the golfers. The reality is that you can never get enough of the mystery and complexity of the game that this course has the potential to offer. Perched on the slopes of Albufeira Cliffs, Pine Cliffs Course was designed by Martin Hawtree and opened in 1991.

The fairways entail 9 holes, all par 33, and the field is set up facing the deep blue panorama of the ocean. The course intensifies its complexity, as it ascends with the holes, and a requires some strong focus on the players’ part during the game.

Oceanico Victoria

Oceanico Victoria

Oceanico Victoria

Oceanico Victoria Golf Course is a memento of the architectural mastery of the acclaimed designer, Arnold Palmer. The course is nestled on the lush green landscapes of Algarve, amidst the coastal wetlands, Oceanico Victoria is an 18-hole course, par 72 and is considered as bête noire by the most skilled golfing champions.

The course offers an ascending degree of challenge to the players. While the fairways are by and large wide, and expansive across the field, they tend to narrow down and form alleyways at many places. The tree clusters standing at the borderlines give the course a strong feel of an oasis and the classic vintage construction makes a cherry on the top.

Oceanico Victoria hosts Portugal Masters and the PGA World Cup, two major and internationally-acclaimed golfing events.

Vale da Pinta

Vale da Pinta

Vale da Pinta

If you love playing on hilly, coiled and rolling greens, Vale Da Pinta is just the right place for you. Situated in the exquisite Algarve region, Vale Da Pinta was designed by Ronald Fream and launched in 1992.

The 18-hole course, par 72, is a treat to play at, for the golfing enthusiasts. Vale da Pinta features wide fairways that roll over hills and descend into small and narrow valleys. The most challenging holes are 10th and 13th, par 3 and par 5 respectively and with tight and complex greens, environed by thick clusters of olive trees.