La Cala Asia

La Cala Asia

La Cala Asia

Nestled at the feet of the mystique Mijas Mountains, Campo Asia is one of the three courses of La Cala Golf Course and stands out from the rest with its spectacular panorama, challenging holes and exceptional playing field constructs.

Initially named as the South Course, La Cala Asia or Campo Asia is the oldest of the three golf courses situated in the La Cala Golf Complex. It was originally designed by Cabell B Robinson and was opened for the players and visitors in 1988.

The course features a similar outlook and overlay, as that of the La Cala America, with a plush green panorama punctuated by graduating hills. However, what really distinguishes the course from the other two courses of La Cala Golf Complex is its interesting arrangement of elevations that occur at nuanced intervals over the expanse of 6,500 yards playing field area.

The field features fairly proportionate fairways and greens and is imbued with mysterious traps and bunkers that add to the degree of challenge and intensity of the game. The most interesting hole on the field is the 2nd hole that is double-tiered and set up in an l-shaped green. The field features patches of sand and grass with no water hazards or narrowing alleyways.

La Cala Asia accommodates the visitors with a variety of facilities including driving range, pitching/chipping area, putting green, practice bunkers, golfing school and professional coaches to provide an all-inclusive playing experience to the players as well as the non-playing visitors alike.

The course offers 5 stars off course and on course facilities and the courteous staff is readily available to help you with the layouts and course conditions. This is the reason why La Cala Asia ranks among the top picks of golfers, due to its facilities and ambiance that makes it a good value for money.

La Cala America

La Cala America

La Cala America

Ranked as 25th among the best golf courses in Southern Spain and 52nd in the top 100 golf courses in Southern Spain, La Cala America is one of the three golf courses situated in La Cala Resort and Golf Complex situated in the mystique valley of Mijas, at a 30-minutes drive from the Malaga Airport.

La Cala America is an 18-hole and 72 par golf course that could be rendered as the oldest golf course of the La Cala Resort. Although it was designed and constructed in tandem with its contemporary La Cala Asia, it took a little while more for La Cala America to be launched for the players and visitors.

Initially named as the North Course, La Cala America is also known as Campo America. The course is sprawled over the expanse of 6,009 metres, on a magnificent panorama that features the exquisite views of Sierra de Ojen as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

La Cala America golf course landscape features spiraled and undulating fairways, cavernous carries, and elevated tees. In addition to that, the course also features bunkers and hazards punctuated across the coarse and hilly landscape and contribute to the degree of intensity of the golf course.

Featuring swiftly graduated slopes of the golf course enhanced by the Pencross grass green and coupled with traps filled with marble chips as well as the strategically placed sand bunker – La Cala America is indeed the most difficult of all three golf courses of La Cala Golf Complex.

La Cala America golf course is perfect for a skillful and challenging game of golf and requires some immense precision and accuracy on the player’s part to make a swift and successful shot.

Holes 6, 9 and 18, par-5ths are particularly more challenging and the par-3 16th is a real treat to play. An emblem of the architectural brilliance of the designer Cabell B. Robinson, he takes pride in the complexity of the golf course and values it as one of its personal favorite works.

El Chaparral

El Chaparral Golf Club

El Chaparral Golf Club

Doused in the soothing appeal of an exquisitely green wooden forest setting and sprawled over the expanse of over 6000 metres, El Chaparral is a sure-tell emblem of the artistic finesses Pepe Gancedo and is ranked as 45th among the 10 best golf courses in Spain.

El Chaparral Golf Club is situated right next to the beach and is environed on three sides by thick clusters of tall and magnificent pine trees. The Berkshire Red construct of the course enhances the allure of the environment by adding tinges of scarlet to the green panorama.

El Chaparral might not have much to offer in terms of length, however, it is the only golf course in the entire Costa del Sol region that offers 6 par-3’s, 6 par-4’s and 6 par-5 holes. The holes have been places, infusing a lot of variety in between that compensates for the short length and requires an additional precision, accuracy, and grip on part of the player to make a successful shot.

While you may find some as cake walks to score, the others will trap you into elevations, barrancas, bunkers and dramatic valleys that altogether take the challenging degree of El Chaparral to a whole new notch.

With bi-split 6 par-3, 2 short shots and 3 long iron shots, the course is ideal for a cautious and suspenseful game of golf. The 17th hole, in particular, has been designed by specialist curators and is one of the trickiest holes El Chaparral has to offer to golf enthusiasts.

Owned and run by Antonio Rubio and family, El Chaparral has been designed and maintained with full attention to detail. The playing fields of the course are regularly groomed and manicured by the skilled agronomists to ensure a smooth and unparalleled experience to the players as well as the spectators alike.