Cordoba School of Golf

Cordoba Country ClubTuesday morning has began the Cordoba School of Golf from the Federation of the Province of CordobaSpain. It is situated in Cordoba Country Club in the Driving  Jockey.

The Cordoba School of Golf has the following  timetable: Tuesday 15 to 19 pm and Thursday from 15 to 19 hours in in Diving Golf Academy.
The squad at the moment are the following ranking positions as 2013.


  • Juveniles up to 2nd place
  • Children up to 5th Place
  • Children under 15years old  up to 5th place
  • Children under 13years old  up to 3rd Place

Ladies up to 5th Place

May also attend to the Cordoba School of Golf the players who are not in these locations mentioned above and were selected to participate in the 2014 Campus.

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