Portugal AIC: Hole-in-one & Record at Montado

Tee Times Portugal Golf - Portugal Amateur International Championship - Montado Golf Resort

Tee Times Portugal Golf – Portugal Amateur International Championship – Montado Golf Resort

Tee Times Portugal GolfPortugal Amateur International: Hole-in-one & Record, Portugueses on the Top 40 at Montado on the 11th February 2015

Danish Christoffer Bring, only 16 years, signed a hole-in-one to set a new record of the Montado Golf Resort (Lisbon) with 65 strokes, 7 below Par.

Gonçalo Costa and João Girão were the best of the twelve Portuguese who (on Wednesday the 11th) started the 85th edition of Portugal Amateur International Championship on a day that the 16 year old Danish, Christoffer Bring, set a new course record at the Mounted Hotel & Golf Resort in Palmela, Lisbon, in 65 strokes, 7 below Par, for which contributed a hole-in-one on the 18th hole.

Tee Times Portugal Golf - Internacional de Golfe - Portugueses on Top 40 at Montado

Tee Times Portugal Golf – Internacional de Golfe – Portugueses on Top 40 at Montado

João Girão and Gonçalo Costa are the only Portuguese within the top-40 interim, after 54 holes, appearing exactly on the 40th of the ranked group, with 73 strokes, one above the pair, but most other national golfers still have a good chance, although it needs to improve in the next days.

“What is important to note is that, except for João Girão, none of our players started very well, but they could all stay calm and play well in the last holes, to do a minimally acceptable outcome, keeping everything open to the aspirations with this tournament, ” the national selector, Nuno Campino, commented.

A total of 30 players managed to beat the par-72 from the field, proving, once again, the high quality of 120 entries in the main tournament of Portuguese golf for amateurs of high competition.

“It was the best round of my career. I had done turns as well or better in training, but never in tournaments, “elucidated the Dane, who obviously loved the Montado Golf Course: “It is a good course, was a good time, the design is beautiful and I like the tournament, strong, with good players. ”

Montado Golf Course, located in Palmela in the the Lisbon region, is surrounded by famous muscatel vineyards that were planted there more than a century ago. The course unfolds beneath old oaks and younger olive trees, chestnut and pines, planted when the course was first built, whilst around it wind creeks and natural lakes.

Some holes are unforgettable. Hole number 5, a Par 4 with a dogleg to the left, demands a good drive in which the second shot is played onto a wide green protected by water. Another hole of great scenic beauty is number 13, a Par 4 that provides a great view over Palmela Castle and an excellent opportunity for a birdie. On this course the golfer is almost always offered two choices for playing the holes. The riskier option implies heavy penalties if the shot is not accurately hit.

Source: fpg.pt

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Golf Holidays Now Less Costly

Tee Times Portugal Holidays - Golf Holidays in Portugal now Less Costly

Tee Times Portugal Holidays – Golf Holidays in Portugal now Less Costly

Tee Times Portugal HolidaysGolf Holidays in Portugal Now Less Costly, as Pound Strengthens

How about holidays in Algarve?

Do you plan to take a golf holiday in Portugal? Well if so, it may please you to know that you can now do so with extra spending money in your pocket, because sterling is flying high against the euro. In particular, the pound recently hit its highest versus the common currency in 2 years, or since August 21st 2012, at 1.2699.

Perhaps you would enjoy Lisbon or Oporto?

What this means for you if plan to holiday in Portugal is that you’ll get more euros when you exchange currencies. Let’s say for example that you intend to spend £600 on a week in Portugal. With that sum, you’ll now receive +€85 more than if you’d done so 18 months ago, when the pound was weak.

Or maybe the paradisiacal archipelagos of Madeira or Azores?

Tee Times Portugal Holidays - Santo da Serra Golf Course - Madeira Package

Tee Times Portugal Holidays – Santo da Serra Golf Course – Madeira Package

So, that’s a+€85 more at no extra cost to you! With that money, you could extend your break in Portugal an extra night, splash out at a Portuguese restaurant, or simply enjoy a welcome saving. With this in mind, it’s a fantastic time to holiday in Portugal, as the strong pound cuts the cost of doing so!

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20 reasons to go to Portugal … beside golf!

Go to PortugalThe Spanish website of Condé Nast Traveler has just revealed 20 reasons to ” drop everything and go to Portugal. ” From the beaches , to wine , to sweet , to cities like Lisbon and Porto, ” Portugal is equal to Spain , but better ,” says the author of the article .

From the North to the Algarve, passing by the islands , there is always one of those Portuguese beach that you thought no longer existed on the European continent poised to become one of your favorites ” , can be read in the magazine article that selects the beaches as the main reason for traveling to Portugal .

Oporto is extended clothing on the balconies, francesinhas, the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, the bookstore that looks plucked from a fairy tale” , are some of the reasons why the city also is unbeaten in her present one of the most prestigious journals article travel the world .

Lisbon: ” An incredible white light

Lisbon PackageThe capital Lisbon ” always has the sea on the horizon and an amazing white light that turns in the most beautiful city in the Iberian Peninsula ” .

The cuisine is also noteworthy. The “ magnificent breakfast ” that ” even the most humble bar is wonderful ” , the ” Port and Madeira Wines known throughout the world,” ” the tastiest apetizers ” , “ different ways to cook a delicious cod” and famous pastel de Belém tempt the palate of the author.

Since the tiles ( decorative element that is already a national symbol ) of a church in Braga the Tea House Matosinhos from architect Siza Vieira , passing by the Casa da Música and the Manueline style off the Monastery of Batalha, Portuguese buildings display a unique style unmistakable , “praises the product you elect architecture as the eighth reason to stay in Portugal .

Algarve PackageThe author also reveals that “it is a great place to make all sorts of purchases ” because they are committed ” affordable for the average pocket.

There are situations where time seems to have stopped, like when you see the fishermen arrive at the port and even sell your goods or a product that is in the main streets of the city and that there is not yet in the big chain stores “explains Raquel Piñeiro Portugal considers that an ” exotic place to discover .

Already, the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores are two major reasons for leaving the proud Portuguese because they offer a bright landscape , ” crops that are born of volcanic rocks , beaches where it’s always spring , traces of the Discoveries and nature that has both form exotic flower like a whale to dive before our eyes .

They will greet you by name and with a smile

Adding to the beauty of the beaches , the paper also highlights ” the wind and the waves of the vast Portuguese coast that is ideal for surfing , kite surfing, windsurfing ” in “ocean considered the fun of the bravest .

In the list of 20 reasons to visit Portugal are also the tradition, Fado, the elegance and simplicity of the inns and hotels of the Portuguese .

If for two consecutive days at the same bar, the third day will greet you by name and with a smile . I can not remember the time it happened elsewhere in the world , and in some places it never happened . Gestures like these are the kind of tourism promotion that wins us forever ” , concludes Rachel Piñeiro .

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