A Spectator’s Guide to a Happening Golf Event, in Portugal and Spain!

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The Portugal Masters, Andalucia Valderrama Masters , the European Ladies’ Team Championship, and the European Young Masters to name a few, there are a number of golf events queued up in Portugal and Spain, this June and July. As much they are enthralling for players, the events are anticipated with an equal zeal and zest by spectators and non-playing enthusiasts of golf.

Golf events in Portugal and Spain are desperately anticipated and provide a good opportunity for the spectators to head out on the grassy meadows, in the bright and glorious sunshine, and make the most of your day. However, to make sure that you enjoy the game in its truest spirit, you have to stick to some basic rules and etiquettes.

Here is an insight into some essential tips, restrictions, and etiquettes for spectators to have a memorable time watching the tournament.


Being a spectator does not mean that you can just roll out of your bed and arrive at the event venue to watch the match. Just like players, the spectators are also required to don appropriate attire in order to maintain the sanctity of the game.

Overly casual attires such as crop tops, tube tops, tank tops, short skirts, short shorts, and denim are a strict no-no! Classic styles such as a decent polo shirt paired up with Khakis are a smart choice that never goes wrong. Similarly, for women, a modest sundress or a decent top paired with caprice or skirts will do the job.

Basic Etiquettes

Whether you are a player or spectator, using mobile phones is prohibited on the course. Any communication between the players and spectators during the round is against the rules. Make sure that you turn off your phones, or at least, set it on silent, to avoid any inconvenience for you as well as others.

Speak in low tones on the course and stay quite while a player is hitting. Do not roam around on the greens and fairways. If you want to follow a player, stay no less than 25 yards behind, on the rough or cart paths.

Things to Bring

If it is allowed, carry a nice and decent handbag, with some essential accessories to accompany you on the game. Many golf events allow you to bring your kids along, and if you plan on taking them with you, make sure that you supervise them to avoid misconducts.

Aside from that, since you will be spending a lot of time on the open fields, make sure that you take some hats, sun shades, a good sunscreen, a bug repellent, a pair of binoculars, some loose cash, a folding chair, and your camera with some extra batteries.

Also, if there is a dark overcast with the prediction of some passing showers, remember to take an umbrella and a rain poncho with you.

Things to Avoid

There are certain prohibitions for spectators coming over to attend a gold event. You are not allowed to bring toddlers and infants, alcoholic drinks, pets, armaments, large furniture items, signs, placards, radios or musical devices on the court. Check your bag and leave all such things at home.

What Not to Miss When You’re in Spain

Spain, the land of colours, cultures, arts and all things sublime is one of the most sought-after destinations of the world. Here are some special things to do, for all the travellers who have listed Spain on their bucket list. Read on.

Go Skiing on Sierra Nevada Mountains

Talk about diversified beauty and there goes the name – Malaga! The region that features tall snowy altitudes as well as sandy beachy descents – when you are in Malaga, the best of both worlds is just an arm’s length away.

La Maroma

Take out your snow boots for a mountain stroll, or whoosh your way down the mountains, slicing through chilly mountain winds. When you’re done skiing, pick up that straw hat, apply some sunscreen and get a good tan, the very same day.

With Nevada Mountains, a contrasting climate and some of the best resorts of Europe, Malaga should top your list of things to do when you are in Spain.

Go Golfing!

Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Spain. As more golf courses are being constructed across the country, it has become one of the most popular attractions for the tourists and visitors landing in Spain.

Santana Golf Spain

At present, there are around 250 golf courses, situated mainly in the major tourist areas. The Costa del Sol region situated in Southern Spain is known as the ultimate golfing paradise of entire Europe. The courses are lavish and regularly manicured, with exquisite greens and magnificent landscapes.

The green fees depend on the tariff of the clubs and resorts, as well as the season. With a climate that stays pleasant for a major part of the year, golfing in Spain will definitely be an experience of a lifetime for you.

Experience La Tomatina

La Tomatina

Grab those tomatoes, toss them, pound them, or squash them on your partners’ head – if you missed La Tomatina, it only means you didn’t do justice to your trip to Spain. La Tomatina, Spain’s acclaimed street fest that is held in August is an event to bring out the crazy side of everyone.

With an excited mob of over 20,000 people, La Tomatina is definitely an exciting bout between local as well as foreign visitors from across the globe, where the dirtier you get, the more you have enjoyed. The ticket to the festival costs around €50 and included shuttle transfers to and fro the venue.

Run with the Bulls in Pamplona!


Running with a mob and being chased by a hoard of crazy bulls is considered a stunt that you can do only in Spain and you must have some incredible guts for that. With chanting spectators, nervous participants and the bulls on fire, the race is indeed a marathon for the survival of the fittest.

Despite the fact that it indeed is a hit or miss deal, causing casualties and leaving many injured, running with the bulls in Pamplona will be an experience you will be proud to tell your grandchildren.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Awarded

Tee Times Spain Golf - Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Tee Times Spain Golf – Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Tee Times Spain Golf – Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Awarded by World Travel Awards

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has been awarded the Spain`s Leading Villa Resort at the gala of the 22 edition of the World Travel Awards held on the Saturday 5th September 2015 in Sardinia, Italy.

This is an especially important award because the World Travel Awards are widely recognized internationally as the hallmark of quality that rewards excellence in the tourism sector.

The winners are chosen by online voting open to the public and category “Leading resort villas” rewards those developments that not only stand out for the quality of its facilities, but also offer services and attractive spreads and housing that stand out for their architectural design and modern design.

To Silvia Llanes, Director Commercial, Marketing and Quality of GMP, the Spanish real estate owned Las Colinas: “We are very pleased to have won such a prestigious award. The World Travel Awards are undoubtedly one of those who have greater recognition in the tourism sector and the fact that Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has been recognized as the No. 1 resort villas in Spain we are proud and we motivated to continue striving for excellence in our products and services. Quality and innovation are strategic values ​​to GMP and this award reaffirms our them. I do wish to thank the owners of the houses of the Golf & Country Club for their continued support. And the team of Las Colinas, for their contribution to make our customers feel that enjoy a world apart whenever we visit. ”

Tee Times Spain Golf - Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Tee Times Spain Golf – Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Cristobal Guerrero, Director of Las Colinas, believes the differential offer experiences and facilities and the quality of housing the Golf & Country Club has been the key to achieving this award: “I think we’ve been recognized as the resort villas leader of Spain by a combination of factors: the magnificent range of accommodation, together with the wide range of sports facilities, entertainment and dining as well as our proposal unique and memorable experiences.

The development villas have been designed by one of the most prestigious architectural studios in Europe, Woods Bagot. The golf course is managed by Troon Golf world leader and one of the top 100 in Continental Europe, we offer activities for the whole family, from tennis and paddle up a single falconry experience in Spain. Our Beach Club on the beach is another attraction differential, for sure, also, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club chooses another major prize in this 2015 to be nominated for the World Golf Awards, considered as one of the highest awards prestige within the industry in world golf, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is a finalist in the category ‘Spain‘s Best Golf Course’ (best golf Spain). The winner will be announced at a gala to be held in November this year. ”

Since its opening in summer 2010, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has been consolidated as an international reference in the tourist industry, thanks to the quality and uniqueness of their proposed course and residential. In fact, it is included in the ranking of the top 100 golf courses in continental Europe and in 2014 was the winner of the International Hotel & Property Awards in the category “Golf Resort”.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is located south of Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast, in a valley of great natural beauty between hills, near the sea.

In addition to its golf course, an 18 hole par 71 course designed by Cabell B. Robinson, the residential complex also houses the International School of Falconry Las Colinas, with a unique offering in Spain, luxury homes, exclusive beach club , designer restaurants and a wide range of facilities for sports.

It also offers a variety of experiences ranging from sailing to ballooning, through baptism in diving, sightseeing, cultural and wine.

Source: Opengolf.es

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