Perfect Swing !?

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-Do I really need A “perfect swing”  to play better golf?

We all know that perfection is largely unattainable in countless aspects of our lives , and of course in the game of golf is a utopia. Even so, many golfers are frustrated to spend hours on the practice field , observing and studying the art of great golfers, reading books and magazines … to try to improve your swing , lower your handicap and play better golf .

– Is it attainable by all players that “perfect swing” ?

Well, the answer to both questions is a resounding NO. The explanation is simple : we must be aware of to understand that we will NEVER be able to “move” an iron like Tiger , Phil or Ernie. Simply because these players have innate talents and skills that we do not possess , in addition to increase them with thousands of hours of practice from an early age,  which will no longer be able to go back . Let us add a few of hundreds of tips and golf lessons that have been given to them and … impossible to equate them.

Let’s be optimistic and remember the following sentence : “The key to playing better golf is not a perfect swing, but a consistent and repeatable swing .” This is part of a philosophy of life,  you can carry it out with the day to day and is known as ”  KISS Principle ” (  ” Keep it short and simple “, which is an acronym that recommended using simple and understandable instructions, rejecting what convoluted and unnecessary ) . What is simple in a golf swing ? you wonder , as keeping the spine as an axis of rotation of the swing , getting a correct plane . And place the grip and alignment of the club face to the target.

So if you really want to improve your game, and develop consistency and confidence every time you play a golf swing takes the simplest way you can hit the ball and … expecting nothing more than enjoy the game.

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Birdie ?!

birdieBirdie ?! We have never asked where they came from a series of terms adopted and used by all of us in a day of golf?  We will refer to golfing terms that did not originate in any field of Scotland, or England, or even in Europe but in the United States since the late nineteenth century.

The term ” birdie ” means scoring one under par (- 1) , was coined in 1899 in Atlantic City Country Club in Northfield , New Jersey. History tells us that in a game of the year 1899 three golfers : George Crump (who later built Pine Valley) , William Poultney Smith (founder member of Pine Valley ) and his brother Ab Smith, were playing together when Crump made ​​his second that hit a bird in flight and the ball went to stop a few inches from the hole. This fact made ​​the starting companions began to exclaim that the result of three shots on a par four were due to ” birdie ” . Soon, all members of the club began using the term and the term quickly spread and was used by all U.S. golfers.

The said term ” birdie ” was standardized for the result of one under par (-1), we continued with the ratio of a better result is called with a larger bird, ie -2 is “eagle” ( eagle) , -3 is ” albatross ” ( albatross ) -4 and a ‘ condor ” ( condor ) .

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Snedeker, two months injured from falling off a ‘Segway’

Brandt SnedekerThe american Brandt Snedeker, ninth best player in the world, could be two months on the sidelines due to an injury to his left knee due to a small accident last week in Sheshan, China.
Snedeker participated on Monday October 28 in one of the activities planned by the HSBC Champion climbed a ‘Segway’ (light transport vehicle electric two-wheeled gyroscopic) when he lost his balance having to jump out of the contraption.
“When it felt a pop in the knee and pain,” said Snedeker. “Fortunately, this is a relatively minor injury that requires surgery, so that in the bad is good news.”
“The injury could be cured in two or three weeks and it took six to eight,” said the player. “Depending on the person is cured in a period or other.”