20 reasons to go to Portugal … beside golf!

Go to PortugalThe Spanish website of Condé Nast Traveler has just revealed 20 reasons to ” drop everything and go to Portugal. ” From the beaches , to wine , to sweet , to cities like Lisbon and Porto, ” Portugal is equal to Spain , but better ,” says the author of the article .

From the North to the Algarve, passing by the islands , there is always one of those Portuguese beach that you thought no longer existed on the European continent poised to become one of your favorites ” , can be read in the magazine article that selects the beaches as the main reason for traveling to Portugal .

Oporto is extended clothing on the balconies, francesinhas, the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, the bookstore that looks plucked from a fairy tale” , are some of the reasons why the city also is unbeaten in her present one of the most prestigious journals article travel the world .

Lisbon: ” An incredible white light

Lisbon PackageThe capital Lisbon ” always has the sea on the horizon and an amazing white light that turns in the most beautiful city in the Iberian Peninsula ” .

The cuisine is also noteworthy. The “ magnificent breakfast ” that ” even the most humble bar is wonderful ” , the ” Port and Madeira Wines known throughout the world,” ” the tastiest apetizers ” , “ different ways to cook a delicious cod” and famous pastel de Belém tempt the palate of the author.

Since the tiles ( decorative element that is already a national symbol ) of a church in Braga the Tea House Matosinhos from architect Siza Vieira , passing by the Casa da Música and the Manueline style off the Monastery of Batalha, Portuguese buildings display a unique style unmistakable , “praises the product you elect architecture as the eighth reason to stay in Portugal .

Algarve PackageThe author also reveals that “it is a great place to make all sorts of purchases ” because they are committed ” affordable for the average pocket.

There are situations where time seems to have stopped, like when you see the fishermen arrive at the port and even sell your goods or a product that is in the main streets of the city and that there is not yet in the big chain stores “explains Raquel Piñeiro Portugal considers that an ” exotic place to discover .

Already, the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores are two major reasons for leaving the proud Portuguese because they offer a bright landscape , ” crops that are born of volcanic rocks , beaches where it’s always spring , traces of the Discoveries and nature that has both form exotic flower like a whale to dive before our eyes .

They will greet you by name and with a smile

Adding to the beauty of the beaches , the paper also highlights ” the wind and the waves of the vast Portuguese coast that is ideal for surfing , kite surfing, windsurfing ” in “ocean considered the fun of the bravest .

In the list of 20 reasons to visit Portugal are also the tradition, Fado, the elegance and simplicity of the inns and hotels of the Portuguese .

If for two consecutive days at the same bar, the third day will greet you by name and with a smile . I can not remember the time it happened elsewhere in the world , and in some places it never happened . Gestures like these are the kind of tourism promotion that wins us forever ” , concludes Rachel Piñeiro .

Tee Times Tour Operator invites you to go to Portugal and discover our fantastic country.

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