Europe flying again

Europe Flying Again

Europe flying!

Despite the fact that coronavirus travel restrictions remain in place around much of Europe, the airlines have already resumed some routes and Faro is one of them.

Yes, air travel will be a far different experience than it was before but keep in mind that airlines working closely with public health authorities to ensure that all flights comply, with effective measures to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The first thing is first before the flight make sure you know your airport’s current policies. Most airports have created pages with Covid-19 updates.

Before flying Flying think about how you can minimize the contact at the airport. Most airlines suggest that travelers download their app for touchless boarding, which will minimize the number of times you have to hand over documents or touch screens.

At the airport, you should expect a rigorous amount of cleaning.

Most airports have increased hand sanitizer stations and the frequency of cleaning surfaces. Some airport shops may be closed, and not all airlines are serving food on flights, so you may want to bring your own food for the plane. Check with your airline company. You may want to make sure you have a contactless payment method instead of using cash at the airport and inside the plane. Don’t forget, you should use a mask, wipes and hand sanitizer all the time. Also, pay attention to the floor markers indicating.

reduce the number of things that go into the reusable plastic bins, put items, including belts, wallets, keys, and phones, into your carry-on bags, rather than into a bin.

Once you are inside the plane, you may consider to wipe down your seat although airlines are ensuring a deep cleaning between every flight. Most airlines have created a Covid-19 page explaining what they are doing to keep passengers safe. This page has detailed information about the cleaning protocols of the airline.

Most airlines are asking people to keep their masks on during the flight. Masks can be taken off to eat and drink. You should know that the air on the plane is pretty clean. However, confirm the mask policy with your airline.

Keep in mind that airlines are now operating with a reduced capacity. So it is quite unlikely to have another passenger in the seat next to you but again, to be sure, please confirm with the airline company.

After the flight, once you arrive to Algarve, you can just relax and start to enjoy your well deserved, very much missed golf holidays by respecting a few general rules for your safety since we are all well prepared to receive you here with all the health and safety regulations applied.

North Ireland
Belfast – 3 weekly flights with EasyJet
Dublin – 10 weekly flights with Ryanair
Zurich – 3 weekly flights with Edelweiss
Geneva – 3 weekly flights with SwissAir
4 weekly flights with Luxair
Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Eindhoven – Double daily flights with Transavia
Paris Orly – Daily flights with Transavia
Montpellier, Lyon & Nantes – 2 weekly flights with Transavia
Paris CDG – 1 weekly flight starting on the 4th of July and 4 weekly flights from July 13th with Air France
Brussels – 4 weekly flights with Brusells Airlines, 3 weekly flights with TUI & 10 weekly flights with Ryanair
Oslo – 1 weekly flight starting from August 8th and 3 weekly flights from Septembe
Stockholm – 4 weekly flights with SAS
Copenhagen – 4 weekly flights with SAS
Frankfurt – 5 weekly flights with Lufthansa & 2 weekly flights with TUI
Dusseldorf – 4 weekly flights with Eurowings
& 2 weekly flights with TUI
Stuttgart – 4 weekly flights with Eurowings
Cologne – 3 weekly flights with Eurowings
Hamburg – 3 weekly flights with Eurowings

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