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Besides the joy of driving at traffic-free landscapes of Algarve, what makes Rent-a-car so appealing?

Freedom of movement
While enjoying your holidays, you don’t want to worry about taxi prices, schedules, shuttle services too early or too late for your tee time, or transfer vehicle arrives on time or not. You just want to get your course at the time you would like, enjoy your time at the clubhouse as long as you wish and also explore the area on your free time with your travel route in a totally personalized manner.

You can save money by making your reservation at a hotel located a little bit further from the center or at a hotel that does not have shuttle service to the courses you choose to play and instead of booking return transfers to each course you can just rent a car and enjoy the freedom.

A car rental allows visiting remote places, hidden gems, or restaurants. Also, hiring a car allows you to take your trips at your own pace, no need to be dictated by the schedule of other transportation means. The car is always close by you can store your bits and golf bags inside. Renting a car also gives you that comfort to move around; you can dance along with the tune on the radio, talk to each other in a volume that you want and be as comfortable as you want.

Due to our special agreements with car rental companies, we are able to offer really good deals and a wide range of cars. You can easily add the reservation of your vehicle to your golf booking, and select the type of insurance that best suits your needs and pay for a complete package.

Last but not least…

Health & Safety during Covid-19
We are completely secure that all the transfer companies we are working with currently undertaking all the measures to protect and disinfect their vehicles, guaranteeing the health and safety of our customers.
However, you may feel more comfortable going a bit further and be more cautious about social distancing and in this case, the best option is to have a safely cleaned, disinfected private vehicle only for you or to share with your family or buddies.
All our suppliers have implemented strict protocols to ensure that all vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each hire.

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