Jack Nicklaus launches new golf balls to the market

 jack nicklaus golf balls

Black, Blue and White, to correspond to the tees used by every golfer

The great golf player, Jack Nicklaus , will present a new line of golf equipment, design , marketing and industry. In November, the champion of 18 Grand Slam tournaments will launch a new line of golf balls to help golfers to choose the most appropriate to their level of play:  Black Nicklaus , Nicklaus Blue and Nicklaus White, and each corresponding to the tees where golfers normaly play.

The Nicklaus Black is designed for single-digit handicaper who regularly play from black bars or more overdue . The Nicklaus Blue is for players who use the media tees , while Nicklaus White are designed for high handicaps , both men and women , who use the most advanced tees .

In the past, Nicklaus gave his name for golf balls but this new line is owned , manufactured to your specifications after 3 years of testing. Bridgestone will handle with the manufacturing.

The balls will be sold exclusively on the website of Jack Nicklaus and through stores, in golf courses designed by Nicklaus. The percentage of sales will be donated to Nicklaus Children’s Health Foundation .

See this video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7XV_xIaNgc

Jack Nicklaus is the architect of the Monte Rei golf course, ranked #1 in Portugal and #10 in Europe.

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