La Cala Europa

La Cala Europa

La Cala Europa

Sprawled over the expanse of 6014 metres, par 71 with 18 holes, along with an exquisite countryside, La Cala Europa is the youngest of the three golf courses, set up within the premises of La Cala Golf Complexes and Resorts.

The golf course was designed by Cabell B Robinson, the same designer who also constructed its predecessors La Cala Asia and La Cala America. Also known as Campo Europa, the course was opened for players and visitors in 2005, and has become more popular than the other two courses situated in La Cala Golf Complex and Resorts.

In terms of structural details and field layout designs, Campo Europa is the most advanced golf course of La Cala Golf Complex and is an emblem of the architectural mastery of the designer. Being his 3rd consecutive La Cala project, Cabell B Robinson has infused an exceptional dab of his brilliance in the course design and has made it the most complex, challenging and difficult course on the plains of La Cala Golf Complex.

The scenic panorama features mountains standing tall at a distance, and the tributaries of River Ojen that run, slicing through the fairways, creating natural water hazards for eight holes on the field. The playing field features rough and graduated planes with narrowing fairways and intense doglegged holes on the right and left sides.

The most notable of all holes is the 4th hole par-forth, where the mountain scrub shields the entire right flank and River Ojen flows along the left. This articulation of playing landscape makes playing here a sudden death round.

Aside from that, the course features smooth par threes and challenging par fives, infused with scrubs, water hazards, and ravines, spiralling around the holes. The playing field also a smart placement of greens and bunkers that accentuate the tenacity of Campo Europa and make it an ideal course for an unorthodox and incredibly challenging game of golf.

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