La Sella Golf Renovation Update

La Sella Golf Renovation

La Sella Golf Renovation

Dear Partner, hope all is Going well and the bussines is coming back.

Here you have an update of the back nine Holes renovation in La Sella Golf course.

As you know the plans was to start works around end of arpil, but due the Covid 19 issue , we started at the beginning of April, Jose Maria Olazábal and his Team begins the remodeling of his Gregal course at La Sella Golf.

After the complete renovation of its Llebeig course last year, this year La Sella Golf has begun the remodeling works on the Gregal course, which will also affect the entire course. Starting with all tees, all existing tees will be reformed including molding, new drains, reorientation and laser leveling.

La Sella Golf Renovation

– The total area of ​​tees that will include new platforms will increase by 922 square meters.

The performances in Fairways and part of the rough, which will include new moldings and new rooting layers, as well as the creation of low points and drains, are expanded this year, affecting a total of 55,017 square meters.

All bunkers are also redesigned, installing the Better Billy Bunker system, for its perfect drainage, conservation and better playing conditions.

Like the work carried out last year, the new greens at La Sella Golf will be completely remodeled, both in their exterior appearance and in their execution, where USGA standards will be followed, with a total change of their gravel and sand layers.

La Sella Golf Renovation

– The total area of ​​the greens will also be expanded by 877 square meters.

Finally, the new latest generation IC irrigation system of the Rain Bird brand will be installed, which allows individualized management of each sprinkler.

The works that the Olazábal Design team started during the month of April are scheduled to finish at the middle of September, so , next season the 18 oldest holes of La Sella Golf will be completely renovated.

La Sella Golf Renovation

We continue improving our facilities, we hope to see you soon in La Sella to show you all of themO.

Stay safe and have a great Summer.

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