Ladys Golf Day Celebrated around the world and in Portugal

Ladys Golf Day Celebrated

6th of June is the day choosed for this event and lady golfers can visit the National golf training center in Jamor to celebrate theyr golf day.

The Portuguese Golf Federation and the national training center of the Jamor are associated to the event Women’s Golf Day.

The initiative will take place on June 6 and is celebrated in 46 countries.

There are already almost 30.000 women registered for this event that involves about 700 of academies and golf courses all over the world.

The goal is to encourage women of all ages for the practice of golf in a fun way and next to some professional golfers.

Women’s Golf Day is a 4-hour experience of free golf for women who have never experienced this wonderfull sport and for this already know the emotions and the benefits of physical activity and the practice of golf.

Come to the Jamor and relax playing golf. Bring your kids, friends or co-workers. Don’t wait for a personal invitation to make a difference!

Sign up for this world women’s Golf party.

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