Las Colinas Golf & Country Club continues to develop a sustainability strategy with concrete actions linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club joins the objectives set by the United Nations, necessary to build a better world from a social, environmental and economic perspective, developing a sustainability strategy with concrete actions linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Water is a scarce and indispensable resource for life and is at the epicentre of sustainable development. For this reason, at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club the consumption of water is reduced by using recycled water for irrigation, both on the golf course and in common green areas. The wastewater generated in homes and offices is treated in its treatment plant, where regenerated water of sufficient quality is obtained for reuse in the irrigation of green areas. Additionally, to irrigate the golf areas in a more efficient way, intelligent bases are used for centralized irrigation control and automatic measurement equipment to measure the pH of the water and optimize its consumption.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is located in a high-quality natural environment in which the special protection area for the birds of the Sierra de Escalona and Dehesa de Campoamor stands out. A great variety of fauna lives there, from birds with striking plumage, such as hoopoe or bee-eaters, to protected birds of prey such as Bonelli’s eagle or eagle owl. As part of the efforts to preserve biodiversity, the complex has the continued presence of an environmental professional who provides expert advice.

Its landscaped trails among native vegetation allow you to enjoy 200,000 m2 of a natural area. All the plant species in the golf area are being progressively replaced by native varieties, with adequate maintenance and water consumption. Also, to reduce the volume of organic waste generated, pruning remains are reused for mulching of green areas of the complex.

In energy matters, as evidence of the commitment in the fight against climate change and the reduction of its carbon footprint, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has opted for renewable sources of energy, so that all the contracted electrical energy has a Certificate of 100% Renewable Origin Guarantee. Also, measures are being implemented to reduce energy consumption linked to lightings, such as the replacement of existing luminaires with LED bulbs or the installation of automatic control systems to reduce energy consumption linked to lighting.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is intrinsically linked to the practice of sport and contact with nature, aspects that today more than ever are very much on the rise due to the benefits they bring to people’s health and well-being.

Due to its natural beauty and concern for the environment, this resort has been in great demand by Tee Times Golf Agency‘s customers and we have the pleasure to offer diverse packages for the greatest satisfaction of all.

To better enjoy Las Colinas Golf & Country Club villas and their exclusive apartments with modern designs located in a unique environment, we suggest the self-catering packages: 3 nights & 2 rounds with a special price for groups of more than 6 players, 3 nights & 2 rounds for less than 6 players, 5 nights & 3 rounds, 7 nights & 5 rounds and for a long stay to enjoy even more this magnificent resort we have the great package for 28 nights & 16 rounds.
Not forgetting the simple green fees for 18 holes with or without a buggy.


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