What Not to Miss When You’re in Spain

Spain, the land of colours, cultures, arts and all things sublime is one of the most sought-after destinations of the world. Here are some special things to do, for all the travellers who have listed Spain on their bucket list. Read on.

Go Skiing on Sierra Nevada Mountains

Talk about diversified beauty and there goes the name – Malaga! The region that features tall snowy altitudes as well as sandy beachy descents – when you are in Malaga, the best of both worlds is just an arm’s length away.

La Maroma

Take out your snow boots for a mountain stroll, or whoosh your way down the mountains, slicing through chilly mountain winds. When you’re done skiing, pick up that straw hat, apply some sunscreen and get a good tan, the very same day.

With Nevada Mountains, a contrasting climate and some of the best resorts of Europe, Malaga should top your list of things to do when you are in Spain.

Go Golfing!

Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Spain. As more golf courses are being constructed across the country, it has become one of the most popular attractions for the tourists and visitors landing in Spain.

Santana Golf Spain

At present, there are around 250 golf courses, situated mainly in the major tourist areas. The Costa del Sol region situated in Southern Spain is known as the ultimate golfing paradise of entire Europe. The courses are lavish and regularly manicured, with exquisite greens and magnificent landscapes.

The green fees depend on the tariff of the clubs and resorts, as well as the season. With a climate that stays pleasant for a major part of the year, golfing in Spain will definitely be an experience of a lifetime for you.

Experience La Tomatina

La Tomatina

Grab those tomatoes, toss them, pound them, or squash them on your partners’ head – if you missed La Tomatina, it only means you didn’t do justice to your trip to Spain. La Tomatina, Spain’s acclaimed street fest that is held in August is an event to bring out the crazy side of everyone.

With an excited mob of over 20,000 people, La Tomatina is definitely an exciting bout between local as well as foreign visitors from across the globe, where the dirtier you get, the more you have enjoyed. The ticket to the festival costs around €50 and included shuttle transfers to and fro the venue.

Run with the Bulls in Pamplona!


Running with a mob and being chased by a hoard of crazy bulls is considered a stunt that you can do only in Spain and you must have some incredible guts for that. With chanting spectators, nervous participants and the bulls on fire, the race is indeed a marathon for the survival of the fittest.

Despite the fact that it indeed is a hit or miss deal, causing casualties and leaving many injured, running with the bulls in Pamplona will be an experience you will be proud to tell your grandchildren.

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