Penha Longa Resort is awarded with a Michelin Star

Tee Times presents Penha Longa Resort

Penha Longa Resort

Penha Longa Resort

Penha Longa Resort at Sintra Portugal

Penha Longa Resort, at Sintra near Lisbon, is overjoyed to announce that LAB by Sergi Arola — its revolutionary 22-visitor gourmet restaurant — has been awarded its first Michelin star.

After 18 months opened, LAB by Sergi Arola has carried out global essential acclaim with the Michelin Guide describing it as a “striking restaurant that brings the highly personalized cuisine of famous Spanish chef Sergi Arola to the Sintra region”.

The guide praised the restaurant’s atmosphere, open-view kitchen, “delightful” glass-block 550-bottle wine cellar and its views of the Penha Longa golf route and the 220 hectares of mountain nature reserve that surround the resort.

“Cuisine excellence has been an critical purpose to go to the resort for the reason that Portuguese Royal family used Penha Longa Resort as a summer retreat in the 17th century,” said the resort’s General Manager David Martinez. “Receiving a Michelin star builds on this wonderful tradition and is a prestigious and internationally recognized testimony to all our hard work at LAB by Sergi Arola.”

Chef Sergi Arola has released dining concepts in Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Verbier, Barcelona and Madrid and have become an international culinary sensation and television persona after working at Ferran Adriá’s world famous El Bulli. Heading the kitchen at LAB is chef Milton Anes, who formerly worked at Le Bristol’s Epicure in Paris and at Belcanto, Lisbon’s first two Michelin-starred restaurants.

“Being awarded a Michelin star is the pinnacle achievement of any kitchen and it is a momentous tribute to everyone who has helped contribute to LAB’s reputation for excellence and innovation,” stated Chef Milton. “The number of Michelin-stars awarded to restaurants in Portugal has increased from 17 in 2016 to 26 today and we are delighted to be at the vanguard of such a national movement that undoubtedly puts the country on the international culinary map.”

LAB by Sergi Arola gives three exceptional tasting menus every month in addition to à la carte alternatives. Gourmet dishes consist of smoked king prawn raviolis with sturgeon caviar, codium and celery root dashi, blue lobster with grilled greens, seaweed and fennel cream, as well as black angus roasted in Sichuan pepper, glazed salsify and truffle jus. Desserts feature butter bread foam, coffee ice-cream and orange jam.

The restaurant also gives a selection of 550 wines from around the world, exclusive Cognac and Armagnac selections and a tea menu with forty different sorts. A separate bar-lounge area with DJ serves the largest choice of top rate vodkas in Portugal.

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