Portugal Golf Inter Clubs Championship

Vilamoura golf club refuses any favoritisms

Inter Clubs Championship - Golf Club Vilamoura

Inter Clubs Championship – Golf Club Vilamoura

Oporto Golf Club is defending its title, but, at least in theory, Club Golf Vilamoura is the strongest team in the masculine competition from the Club’s National Championship – Solverde, which gives away the Visconde Pereira Machado Cup. The competition is counting on 13 teams and happens between Thursday and Sunday at the Vidago Palace Golf Course.

Besides its history, Vilamoura has the lowest handicap set – it is the only team whose hcps goes down to a plus, with a sum of +4,7 among its six players. It also counts on the national champions (Tomás Melo Gouveia), as well as with sub-16’s (Gonçalo Teodoro), sub-14’s (Francisco Matos Coelho). Portuguese ex number 1 Vítor Lopes and also an expert, Nathan Brader will also attend. Number six on the team is Calvin Holmes. Although he is very young, he managed to shine in 2015, as well as Teodoro, on the fourth consecutive winning of the Vilamoura team from Algarve, matching C. Golf Estoril’s record of 16 titles.

Last year at Montado Hotel & Golf Resort, Vilamoura Golf Club, missed what would’ve been the first fifth championship in the competition and the record of 17 wins. The team was eliminated in the semi-finals by Miramar Golf Club – which actually lost then with Oporto Golf Club.

Oporto Golf is now looking to obtain its second victory in a row, eighth in its history. Miramar Golf Club, whose last victory goes way back to 1994, managed the vice-championship title in 2014 and 2016, is the second strongest team.

A little note about Lisbon Sports Club second-time winner for midi-amateurs (over 30 years old). Without its best player, José Maria Cazal-Ribeiro, the team has yet some important names such as Luís Costa Macedo, Gonçalo Costa or Tiago Tavares, among others.

Apart from these four teams, C.Golf Vidago Palace, C.Golf Santo da Serra, C.Golf Ilha Terceira, Quinta do Peru, Juve Golfe, Bom Sucesso, Oeiras and Estoril are also part of Portugal Golf Inter Clubss competition.

The competition has a stroke play round and, after that, match play. The first eight teams are placed on the 1sr Flight, and the remaining ones on the 2nd Flight.

The feminine golf competition has only three team competing: two from Miramar and another one from Santo da Serra. Miramar is trying hardly to win for the fourth time in a row.

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