San Roque Old Course – Renovations

San Roque Old Course

San Roque Old Course

San Roque Club

The San Roque Club, Andalusia, Spain is generally perceived as one of the top golf courses in Europe and can be found on each golf player bucket list when visiting Southern Spain, particularly as it offers two extremely differentiating experiences at one setting. The San Roque Club is revamping all parts of the club however specifically the well famous Old Course. This remodel will reaffirm its position among Europe’s top golf courses.

Since opening in 1990 the club has hosted numerous prestigious golf events, the Spanish Open for 2005 and 2006, the European Tour School from 1995-2007 and was the settlement of decision for both the European and American Ryder Cup teams in 1997. With such legacy, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why the new proprietors, Thorncroft, were anxious to get the club prior in 2019.

San Roque Old Course

San Roque Old Course

During its prime the club had more than 550 members and it is their goals to achieve close numbers once again. With a showcasing plan effectively under way the club has just sold two periods of participations since August 2019 and we are presently on Phase three. There will be a sum of 7 stages. As each eliminate sells the cost of the ensuing one will clearly increment. The objective is to sell another 100 memberships before the re-opening in November 2020.

To accomplish this we need to make a “door to entryway” experience that will match anything in Europe. This implies everything must be of the highest caliber. From your greeting by the caddy ace, to your post round dinner at the Clubhouse, from the molding of the course, to the solace of the storage spaces. « All of these factors will contribute to the golfer having a wonderful golfing experience,” demands, Stephen Dundas.

Giving this experience won’t be at the expense of nature. “A key emphasis and driving force of this entire renovation project is the environment “, attests John Clarkin, MD of Turfgrass, Project Manager for the Golf Course remodel. ” By reducing the turf maintenance area by 18 hectares and replacing it with Mulch, this translates into 35% less water usage, up to 30% less fuel and as a result this will allow The San Roque team to focus on the finer details of making the course play and look its very best “.

San Roque Old Course

San Roque Old Course

What enhancements are being made?

The redevelopment venture incorporates a best in class water system and drainage framework, a new bunker system just as new tees, fairways, roughs and greens. While the current plan and the general directing of the course won’t change, the point of every one of these enhancements is to make a golf course and experience that will be enjoyable and memrable for all golf players. To put it plainly, the course is being raised into the 21st century.

Different Improvements

Different territories of upgrades will incorporate the redesign of the clubhouse, this will improve the golf players pre and post golf experience and give a more noteworthy chance to the club to have significant social and corporate occasions.

The pratice areas and golf academy will be completely modernized with the help of South West Greens who are introducing synthetic turf all through, which means the areas will look immaculate and totally playable 365 days per year. The well famous Jason Floyd Golf Academy will give world class golf instruction and the most recent in innovation; including a rec center, two indoor swing rooms, a Titleist Fitting execution studio, and an indoor putting examination room.

How is the entirety of this helping the local community?

“More than 90% of the force are all local, we are working with local schools to introduce them to golf and with our enhanced facilities we are sure we will attract many more visitors to the San Roque area which can only be good for the local economy” states Stephen Dundas.

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