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Salgados Golf Course. Golf Holidays Breaks in Algarve

Salgados Golf Course

Golf Holidays Breaks in Algarve

The Algarve, being the most southern province of Portugal, offers a semi-tropical climate, a cold winter and hot, but very pleasant summers, providing conditions for fantastic golf breaks all year round. There are 39 Golf Courses in the Algarve from west to east and almost all of them offer several options for multiple games, “golf packages”, where the player gets advantageous discounts. We have the example of dynamic packages that start from 2 or 3 rounds and offer an additional discount, such as the Vilamoura golf courses or the Amendoeira Resort. Vilamoura also offers Taylor made packages on its 5 golf courses, the traditional Old Course, the emblematic Victoria golf course and the popular Pinhal, Millennium and Laguna golf courses owned by the Dom Pedro group and therefore the options are many and with different types of discounts. A Group of 8 or more golfers have a free round for 1 player. Golf professionals also benefit from amenities and special conditions.[...] read more

Spain golf – Plan it & Swing Away

Vilamoura Old Course. Plan it & Swing Away.

Swing Away

We know everyone is eager to get the ball rolling in the sunny Portugal and Spain.
 Golf courses are in astounding first class conditions to welcome all dedicated players and offering some fantastic deals.
  Everybody has been working hard to keep the golf courses in perfect conditions so you can enjoy the best golf experience.
 We at Tee Times Golf Agency guarantee our customers with the best deals and assure a safe environment for your golf holidays.
 Take advantage of all early booking offers with total flexibility and confidence.
Full refund for all cancelations due to Covid-19.
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The 2nd Pinheiros Altos Classic

Pinheiros Altos Classic

The 2nd Pinheiros Altos Classic

João Carlota ended his competitive year in 3rd place at the 2nd Pinheiros Altos Classic, a 10,000-euro prize money golf tournament held at the Pinheiros Altos golf course, Algarve.

Playing the same Pines and Corks holes as he did at the 1st Pinheiros Altos Classic, João Carlota showed that it was not by accident that he got his two best rounds in the Portugal Pro Golf Tour. He pocketed 950 euros for 2nd place and won another 2000 euros for 3rd position. The 2nd place prize money was lower as it was shared by four players, while this 3rd position was individual, hence having earned a higher cash prize.[...] read more