Portugal Golf

Portugal Golf Montebelo GC“Nunos” have won the SANFIL Tournament, counting towards the Order of Merit of Quinta das Lágrimas – Golf Club.

Nuno Marreco in net with 42 points and Nuno Poiarez the gross with 24 . With the route Caramulo in good condition ( considering the weather we’ve had ) was attended by about fifty players representing six national clubs .
Nuno Drake received the prize for 1st guest and was followed by Carlos Silva ( 1 of  3rd category) and John Cerejo ( 1 of 1st category ) with 40 points , Nuno Poiarez 39 , Jorge Silva ( 1st of 2nd category) 39 , João Batanete 36 , José Martins 35 and José Mário Filipe Martins ( 1st senior) 34 .
The northerner Poiarez Nuno , who also made ​​the longest drive achieved victory mercy of the best 2nd round, because Mário Filipe got the same score . Followed by Carlos Tinoco and João Cerejo with less one point and José Santos and João Batanete under five points.
Were also awarded : Elisabete Pinto ( 1st lady) and longest drive , Diogo Soveral ( 1st junior ) , António Tendeiro ( nearest to the pin ) .[...] read more

Birdie ?!

birdieBirdie ?! We have never asked where they came from a series of terms adopted and used by all of us in a day of golf?  We will refer to golfing terms that did not originate in any field of Scotland, or England, or even in Europe but in the United States since the late nineteenth century.

The term ” birdie ” means scoring one under par (- 1) , was coined in 1899 in Atlantic City Country Club in Northfield , New Jersey. History tells us that in a game of the year 1899 three golfers : George Crump (who later built Pine Valley) , William Poultney Smith (founder member of Pine Valley ) and his brother Ab Smith, were playing together when Crump made ​​his second that hit a bird in flight and the ball went to stop a few inches from the hole. This fact made ​​the starting companions began to exclaim that the result of three shots on a par four were due to ” birdie ” . Soon, all members of the club began using the term and the term quickly spread and was used by all U.S. golfers.[...] read more