Perfect Swing !?

Tee Times T.O. -Perfect Swing

-Do I really need A “perfect swing”  to play better golf?

We all know that perfection is largely unattainable in countless aspects of our lives , and of course in the game of golf is a utopia. Even so, many golfers are frustrated to spend hours on the practice field , observing and studying the art of great golfers, reading books and magazines … to try to improve your swing , lower your handicap and play better golf .[...] read more

Birdie ?!

birdieBirdie ?! We have never asked where they came from a series of terms adopted and used by all of us in a day of golf?  We will refer to golfing terms that did not originate in any field of Scotland, or England, or even in Europe but in the United States since the late nineteenth century.[...] read more

Snedeker, two months injured from falling off a ‘Segway’

Brandt SnedekerThe american Brandt Snedeker, ninth best player in the world, could be two months on the sidelines due to an injury to his left knee due to a small accident last week in Sheshan, China.
Snedeker participated on Monday October 28 in one of the activities planned by the HSBC Champion climbed a ‘Segway’ (light transport vehicle electric two-wheeled gyroscopic) when he lost his balance having to jump out of the contraption.
“When it felt a pop in the knee and pain,” said Snedeker. “Fortunately, this is a relatively minor injury that requires surgery, so that in the bad is good news.”
“The injury could be cured in two or three weeks and it took six to eight,” said the player. “Depending on the person is cured in a period or other.”[...] read more