Tee Times Algarve Golf – Algarve Sets New Record in 2015

Tee Times Algarve Golf - Algarve Sets New Golf Rounds Record in 2015

Tee Times Algarve Golf – Algarve Sets New Golf Rounds Record in 2015

Tee Times Algarve Golf – Algarve Sets New Record in 2015

About 1.2 million rounds of golf were played in Algarve in 2015. For the first time in eight years, the Algarve broke the record of the number of rounds of golf played, over 81,487 than the year before (2014).

Tee Times Golf Agency, as part of the Algarve‘s golf industry, is proud of contributing to this growth, being responsible for more than 50,000 golf rounds in 2015. We are Your Best Partner in Portugal & Spain!

October has proved to be the best month for the sport: the number of rounds played increased by 21.2% since 2007, and increased by 4.9% last year alone.

The external market, from which most practitioners of the sport come to the southern region of the country, is the main responsible for this growth.

Belonging to socio-economic classes with greater purchasing power, tourists from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden are the largest contributor to the amount and quality of Tourism Golf in the Algarve.

The Tourism Association of the Algarve (ATA) is the official entity, whose main mission is to promote tourism and promotion of Algarve in foreign markets.

Tee Times Algarve Golf - Algarve's Great Diversity of Quality Golf Offers

Tee Times Algarve Golf – Algarve’s Great Climate and Diversity of Quality Golf Offers

The Algarve climate, the quality and diversity of the golf offering are the main reasons for the interest of the sport practitioners, according Dora Coelho, executive director of ATA, for whom golf is one of the priorities stakes.

“Golf is a major pillar of our promotion strategy, and our success is due mainly to the industry,” explains Dora Coelho, for whom the efforts of the sector has proved crucial.

“Thanks to the industry, we have a large advantage over markets like Spain. The diversity of supply and the quality of golf in the Algarve are second to none and are reflected in the loyalty of tourists who visit us. This is only possible due to the commitment of our partners and the constant investment they make in the promotion, environmental protection and the training of professionals and services” she concludes.

The Algarve is a golf destination of excellence. Its location and the excellent weather conditions for the sport throughout the year make this sector a strong alternative to the seasonality of the products Sun and Beach.

Source: golftattoo.com

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