Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa (Spa Review)

Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa

Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa

Tee Times Portugal Holidays: Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa (Spa Review)

Global Value: 97% | Treatment Variety: 96% | Space: 97%
Environment: 96% | Balneary: 95%

Centrally located and just a 2 minute walk from Estádio do Bessa in the city of Oporto, in the north of Portugal, this fine design hotel offers spacious and elegant rooms, decorated with a mix of wood, steel, and glass elements. It features a computer area, Spa, and indoor swimming pool.

The Spa has five saunas (of which one is of aromatics herbs and other is of salt), a pool of warm water with stone beds underwater and water jets (a vitality pool) and a winter garden with sofas where we’d like to spend the whole afternoon sleeping.

Of all body and facial treatments, with hot or oriental stones, there is the Balinese massage. This massage is done not with two but with four hands – you’ll have two therapists massaging your whole body for 50 minutes, using techniques like acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology and aromatherapy.

Feeling the warm oil of sweet almonds and calendula slipping on the skin and four hands stretching our body we tend to believe that’s the cure for our dramas. Then comes the heated vulcanic basalt stones, and, all of a sudden, all the problems of the world have ended. If paradise existed, angels wouldn’t live on clouds, they would spend their days here, buying four hands Balinese massages.

Review in “Tentações – Sábado” magazine 10th-16th April ’14, Portugal

Try it for yourself. We can book your stay at the Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa and make all the reservations, transfers and car rentals you require. You may also choose to play some Golf on your holidays. Simple enjoy and relax and let us help you getting the peace and calm you deserve.

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