Vidago Palace ESPA Innovation Award

Vidago Golf Course

Vidago Golf Course

Imagine entering a fragrant and serene environment where slowly you are invited to try natural therapies, performed in inspiring spaces designed in detail by renowned architect Siza Vieira.
The Vidago Palace Thermal Spa, with an area of 2500 m², minimalist style, straight lines, and white marble, provides unique and memorable experiences.
Enjoy the therapeutic properties of natural mineral water, Vidago, with increased effects for your health.

Complementing your stay with the refreshing shower, ice fountain invigorating or powering your body in the luxurious vitality pool, located in the beautiful outdoor atmosphere. Simply perfect for relaxing after a round at the Vidago Palace Golf Course.
Distinguished and awarded for innovation, the Vidago Palace Thermal Spa, suggests health promotion, through the dedication of our therapists, Iyashi Dôme technology and allies to nutrition, to a versatility unique treatments, with goals to regenerate, lose weight and purify.

At the same time you can enjoy the award-winning Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course, which the first four holes are played within the Centenary Park of the Vidago Palace Hotel.
During your stay at Vidago Palace you will, mentally and physically, feel like a new person.

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