We’re Back!

Tee Times Golf Agency - Remember me... Algarve! We're Back!

We’re Back!

From May 15th, our office in the Vilamoura Marina is open.
We’re back and well prepared to welcome you.
We will keep the homework policy until further notice, but, in the meantime, every day we will have one of our colleagues in our Marina office ready to receive you.
We know most of the flight companies will not start before the 15th of June, so keep your gear ready, because we are ready for you!
Golf courses in Portugal and Spain are reopening in their glory to welcome all devoted players. They have been working hard on the closed doors to ensure they are ready to get back into the swing of things.
We are all desperate to escape from quarantine life. Aren’t you?
But with so much uncertainty around the world right now, it’s normal to be feeling cautious about making travel plans in the near future.
You’re not alone. Other guests that have booked recently felt cautious too – some even expressed feeling quite anxious.
We’ve been talking to customers frequently throughout this difficult and uncertain time and have paid close attention to their feelings and feedback.
Our customers are anxious and apprehensive, yet they’re also seeking something to look forward to in post-quarantine life.
That’s why we are here available since the beginning of this episode to give you total peace of mind so you can confidently book your next trip with Tee Times Golf Agency whilst eliminating any risk.
We want you to have clarity in where you stand with us going forwards and allow you to feel totally comfortable.
We’re here to reassure you that booking with us means it’s time to stress less and get excited about your next travel experience!
See below our top selections to get back to fairways with the maximum safety and the best deals.

Vilamoura Old Course
Vilamoura Old Course
Vilamoura Laguna Golf Course
Vilamoura Pinhal Golf Course
Vilamoura Millennium Golf Course
Vilamoura Victoria Golf Course
Vilamoura Golf Courses – Dynamic Packages – Summer Specials


Dolce Camporeal Golf Course
Dolce Camporeal


Malaga Two Rounds Pack
Malaga Two Rounds Pack

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